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Blowing machine blowing process failure and treatment method
- Sep 08, 2016 -

1. high temperature alarm light box watercourses.
The solution: open waterways connect rubber tube, to purge the watercourse with low pressure gas and alcohol, and cleaning.
2. clamping jaw fault
The solution: adjusting the sliding table height, or clamps.
3. the card died.
The solution: restart the machine.
4. manual original
The solution: view shift, one claw clip, shift clamping jaws and defected from the positioning plate, is stuck to the appropriate location, and if not, manually bring their cards to the appropriate location, and origin.
5. the action is not in place
The solution: see if there's something stuck to it. Regulating gas flow valve.
6. the exhaust sounds loud
The solution: view the high-pressure exhaust muffler if damaged or fall off.
7. the embryo embryo under the road, uneven
The solution: adjust the embryo position.
Above is the blowing machine faults and solution in the blowing process.