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Injection molding machine industry
- Sep 08, 2016 -

(1) production plans take the form of monthly plans, and are hand-and effort-consuming, engineering changes to interface with design department, cannot meet the demands of market changes fast, it is difficult to collect the procurement schedule and the progress of production and changes. (2) workshop production planning order pipeline failed to straighten out, there are too many "short circuit". (3) production plan completion cannot be quickly mastered, speed of response to customer delivery is not timely enough. (4) due to the injection molding industry complex manufacturing processes, start from the first step to the last step to complete, during which time after time usually takes several days or even weeks. Numerous components, distributed in a number of workshops, the process has been completed and how many, how much worse the number of unfinished, it will take much time to complete, as well as various processes the current system of how much, where an ongoing process, and more accurate and timely information could not be obtained, resulting in too many WIP. How to troubleshoot product control is a problem afflicting the managers. (5) due to the complex injection molding equipment, personnel, production processes need to be taken often failed to follow the standard procedure to perform, and some products due to machines in some key processes and other resource constraints, or other special circumstances cause there is coexistence of multiple processing process, how to manage production site management difficulties. (6) the injection molding industry processes more site management complexity and management chaos. (7) processing outsourcing difficult to manage: injection molding, have many special operations to outsourcing, or when a customer needs large quantities, also needs processing outsourcing orders to relieve the pressure, the traditional manual management is often unable to cope with such a complex situation, resulting in a more difficult work, processing materials and processing fees mismanaged. (8) in the actual production process, often there are many uncertain factors, such as product repair rework, scrap of material, semi-finished, product restructuring, management is difficult to control in a timely manner. (9) production orders difficult to handle: part of the injection molding industry users, using production orders, often when needed in order to determine the special requirements of customers, and under a separate design, preparation of materials and production. Manual operations often resulted in delay in delivery, inventory and so on. (10) the same item in product structure multiple BOM structure, confusing error. To manual handling frequently when BOM exists "table not updated", "each Department inconsistent data" phenomenon, prone to make mistakes which lead to the production order, affecting the delivery and so on. (11) changes in injection molding industry in the face of market competition, will further expand the scale of production. With increasing demand management, market information and marketing management and service systems, supply chain management and so on, gradually reveals a number of potential problems.