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The factors influencing the manufacturing bottle blowing machine
- Sep 08, 2016 -

1. preform

Preforms are also known as the parison, is PET pellet injection molding, which requires recycling percentage cannot exceed 10%, cannot be recycled more than twice. Injection forming Hou of bottle billet or heating Hou again with of bottle billet must cooling 48h above, and using of bottle billet store time cannot over 6 months, different production date, especially interval had long of bottle billet cannot mixed with, main reasons is bottle billet by with raw materials model, and mix of two times material proportion and bottle billet within residual stress different due to, and these factors on blow bottle of forming process are has major effect, should according to reality specific treats.

2. heating

Preforms are heated by heating furnaces to complete, by manual setting, automatic control. Height of the heating furnace in 25mm is appropriate, conveyor wheel 19.6mm. Preform conveyor wheels run continuously through the entire oven, preforms heating is more uniform, better shape, overcomes previously preform static heating, disadvantages of manual rotation of uneven heating. Improper adjustment of heating furnace will cause blowing the bottle wall thickness distribution is not uniform (light weight), excessive bottle size, hardness and other product defects, or even torque on mechanical components failed. The temperature of each zone can be adjusted according to the product specific, taking into account the oven lamp turn on. In addition, the oven setting on the preform heating output power also had a great impact, it controls the output of the oven heat. When long time to boot, boot again, initial power output should be set higher, then reduced to a normal state in the normal production process, the output power is generally 80% about, especially when the environmental temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, the effect is more significant.

Blow bottle production temperatures also have a certain relationship to the production environment, the ambient temperature to room temperature (about 22 c). If the temperature is too high, then products prone to caking of pour point temperature is too low, unstable product when the machine starts, the specific operation to be adjusted according to the actual situation and experience.