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Air Knife Drying Machine

This machine can be use to drying bottles before its labeling.

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Air knife drying machine

Products Introduction 
1. Introduction:
This machine can be use to drying bottles before its labeling. this dryer is for wind knife dryer, the air through the filter, into the low temperature fan, the air compressor, through the pipe into the wind knife, the knife in the wind formed with strong wind, the wind of the bottle of water, the walls of the water film, different direction from compulsory blow dry. Suitable for high speed production line in use, such as: beer production line, high speed in liquor, health wine production line.
2. Features:
1) The dry machine adopts the advanced wind blade technology, stable performance, low temperature operation, high visibility, blow
In the drying effect is good, suitable for high speed production line to use.
2) The machine air knife can be adjusted in the up and down or so in each direction, according to the need to adjust the dry area, also
Tuyere size can be adjusted according to the production, easy to operate.
Bottle type.
3) The machine USES broad, glabrous to brush the dust pollution, maintenance free, glass can be light
To water, it has better effect to use ceramic bottle.
4) Low energy consumption, is now the most ideal dry wine packaging line tool.
5) No wearing parts.
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