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Beer Industry Brings New Opportunities For Beer Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Industry In China
- Sep 08, 2016 -

At present, domestic beer labeling machine manufacturing industry and beverage labeling machine manufacturing industry on the scale of the enterprise is not much, industry products are more abundant, but manufacturers are limited by level of development, the product lines are not perfect. Most enterprises are mainly to parts or small labeling equipment supply in the form of products, be able to undertake the complete line engineering companies, small.
Due to technical reasons, the overall poor performance of the equipment. Labeling machine manufacturers in the whole line of research and development, comprehensive strength limited development of some single good, but incomplete equipment development, causes the entire line performance is greatly reduced. At the high end of the market, most companies only individual equipment to meet user needs; in electrical engineering, is the role of equipment suppliers, market less competitive.
Awareness of intellectual property rights, research and innovation ability of labeling machine manufacturing industry in China lack awareness of intellectual property rights. Is a form of independent research and development of new technologies and new products lack awareness of patent protection; one is characterized by indiscriminate imitation copy other people's products. In many cases, an enterprise hardships to develop new products, not to apply for intellectual property protection, but rush to market, recovery of funds. Put on the market soon, soon imitated equipment, changes in the market in a short time a lot of versions, users of hard to distinguish between the true and the false. Developers have suffered huge losses, wants to pursue other generic manufacturers of responsibility, being ultimately did not apply for intellectual property protection had to disappear. In this case, adhere to the independent development of the enterprise has entered the ranks of plagiarism, the industry evolved into the chaos of plagiarism.