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Beverage Machinery Has Been The Chinese Government's Support
- Sep 08, 2016 -

Beverage mechanical is refers to in raw materials production and processing process among series mechanical of General, General has must of security and full automation, to know, in production processing process among on those liquid raw materials of production, products control to very of strictly food security is China of important legislation, while is people of life well-being, so this also to beverage mechanical brings has is big of design difficulty, general situation Xia, put it classified in, manufacturing in the of precision processing industry, due to each species beverage of supply difficulty different, so, Intelligent production and ingredients is the potential necessity.

Since 80 generation China reform yilai, on has has many private small enterprise began engaged in beverage of processing and production, then of beverage mechanical basically are is from Germany or United States imports, also has small part from Japan imports, to has 90 generation China of related mechanical has reached has must of precision and automation degree, so design a domestic of beverage mechanical also into has people of dream, after has nearly 20 years of development zhihou China of beverage mechanical design has reached has international industry level, Basically meets the demand of China's production of beverages.

Food industry often is China focus support of industry currently most beverage production enterprise are is small and medium of private enterprise, from initially of 400,000 tons scale to now of annual millions of tons scale, China of beverage mechanical through has is long of history process, currently, beverage mechanical not only can production glass tank of beverage also can production tinplate of beverage, in it of production process among automatic of for perfusion, reached has precision reliable security of effect, currently these beverage mechanical even export to abroad.