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Bottled Pure Water Treatment System
- Dec 24, 2016 -

Product Description
1. The filter process is staged, removing first the large particles, followed by the medium sized ones, then micro  particles,  so as to ensure the using period of the relatively expensive films, reducing the maintenance risks for  the customers. After several filter processes, the water can be guaranteed as pure water. And the films are exquisitely made, which can endure the time if used according to the operation  manual provided by Newamstar.
2. After treatment, the water is qualified enough to be bottled as pure water. It can remove the particles and  bacteria in the water, while retaining the mineral substance. What's more, it has been approved by CE, UL, SGS,  FDA, and ISO, having no potential of adding extra pollution to the original water.

3. The warranty time is  2 years. During the time, if  there is any problem, Newamstar will solve it in the first time  when we are informed, leaving no concerns to our  customer. 

Zhangjiagang city FILLTECH machinery Co.,Ltd

 Our company is located in the birth place of filling machine,FILLTECH is created with several year's factory experiences. Our machines are sold to cities in China and over cross to Europe, American countries, Africa, Oceania, Middle east and Asian countries. Our products include: water treatment system, water plant, juice/tea plant, carbonated plant, dairy plant. Our machines will be customized as client's different size glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, gallon jars.



Advantages of our company

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8. Have obtained many patents certification from government.

9.2 years guarantee and free parts

10.Help design the bottle , label and workshop layout for free

11.24 hours online service 

How to contact us?




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