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Labeling Labeling Warping Causes And Solutions
- Sep 08, 2016 -

During the process of labeling machine that we used, Alice is a relatively common phenomenon. Especially in the labeling of self-adhesive labels, to kick the problem is most likely to occur. Automated production lines more and more popular these days for most label after the first filling, capping, sealing products, and so on, in the entire process may be accompanied by increased temperatures will also cause have stickers labels appear corners. Labels closer to the end, after some process of heat treatment process and raise the likelihood of big.

In addition to the effects of temperature, the main reason causing labeler label Alice in several situations:

1, less sticky labels, causes the label when the label not well attached to the product.
2, covering insufficient wheel pressure lead to label products not fully adhered to the surface.
3, the choice of materials is not suitable for the type of product labeling. Select labels according to different types, material selection. Softer products should be used relative to the kind of soft labels, material can select PE, PVC, without Lord rashin PP or PE, PP synthetic materials, and so on. Optional label for hard products made of PET, PS, BOPP etc.
4, making selection of adhesive that is used on the label is inappropriate. Surface curvature is larger for some products, labels when you select the binder should use large initial viscosity of adhesives. While, label paper should not use more thick or hard materials, should be used with thin material, such as films, soft paper material and so on. Without the need to go through process of heating technology products, selection of label material is best to thin and good initial adhesion of adhesives.