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Labeling Machine Is Often Broken What To Do With
- Sep 08, 2016 -

1, the label itself problem
Labels backing sheet cuts cause the fault is the subject of a, this problem has a very significant phenomenon is the fracture neatly, look can be found that labels backing sheet has clear cut marks, as shown below, this is because the label is the result of tool is too heavy and need to redo the tags.
Labels backing sheet material does not cause the label off, standard label labeling machine is the choice of gration, compared to the end of paper back due to insufficient strength of the backing sheet of paper torn

2, Peel Board problem
In addition to label other than the problem itself, tags broken is mainly concentrated in the Peel Board,
One of the main reasons is the Peel Board is too sharp, Peel the label plate is made of sheet metal machining, mainly flat caused by too much cutting and milling, the main approach is to Polish the edge hand, enable flat smooth transition can
Another fault is caused by a knife because the Peel Board Assembly straight edge is not level, resulting in uneven label after the blade force cut off the label, also appears torn

3, tensioner problems
In whole standard head part, Zhang tight institutions of purpose is to guarantee in traction movement Shi, label can relative uniform, and stable of from stripping standard Board separation out, for this purpose label of Zhang tight is need guarantee must of efforts of, dang efforts had big Shi, also will led to label broken off, can through reduced pressure standard slammed tablets of efforts, brake rod of stretch for solution.