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Packaging Machinery Industry Development Status
- Sep 08, 2016 -

Classification of packaging machines filling machine, filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machinery, packaging machinery, labeling machines, washing machines, drying machines, sterilizing machines, aseptic packaging machinery, packing machinery, containers, machinery, auxiliary packaging machinery following various types of packaging machinery with a brief description
1) filling: filling packaging machine of products according to a predetermined amount. According to the measuring principle used in filling machine is different, can be divided into volumetric filling machine, weighing and filling machine, counting filling machine three types.
2) sterilization machines (HTST): for products, packaging, packaging materials, packaging materials and packaging to kill microorganisms on, to reduce it to machines within the allowed range. Common carriers temperature sterilizer, ultrasonic sterilizing machines.
3) aseptic packaging machinery: products in a sterile environment to complete all or part of the packaging machines. Common brick aseptic packaging machines, pillow aseptic packaging machines, aseptic packaging machines, house-shaped triangle aseptic packaging machines, big bag of aseptic packaging machine and other equipment.
4) strapping machine (strapping): use straps or rope tying products or packages, and then tightened and both ends of the strap through the heat melting or using materials such as buckle connection of the machine. Common mechanical strapping, strapping machine, hydraulic pneumatic strapping machine, wearing a belt strapping, hold open machine, baler, and so on.
5) container machinery: integrating packaging unit or decompose, forming a unit of proper handling of the machine. Common set of installed capacity, cartridge removal machine, Stacker, and so on.
6) filling machine (filling): according to a predetermined amount of liquid filling machines in the packaging containers. Common negative pressure filling machine, filling machine and pressure type filler pressure, isobaric filling machine, filling four.