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Packaging Machinery Market
- Sep 08, 2016 -

"To eat for days," General machinery industry in the food market. Food equipment such as labeling machine, promoted the development of the food industry, in the area of beverage packaging equipment market is the core of productivity. According to statistics from the food sector over the past decade, a large number of deep processing of agricultural products began to enter, the food industry developed quite rapidly. Packaging equipment such as labeling machine, filling machine, sets of standard machines in the torrent also achieved its market position, becoming an indispensable force in the development of the national economy.
From 80 generation development has, packaging equipment (automatically posted standard machine, and irrigation installed,) became domestic economic growth most fast of industry one of, as posted standard equipment in food industry annual of growth in 8% around, which agricultural processing on packaging equipment of needs to annual 10% around of speed growth, visible posted standard equipment, irrigation installed equipment, in food industry has is big of development space.
The domestic food packaging machinery development to date, national food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises have annual turnover of millions of businesses are numbered, 90% above is dominated by small and medium sized enterprises, these companies don't have the ability to produce large sets of production line equipment, this is precisely the deficiencies of packaging machinery.
With the increased market demand and large complete sets of production equipment for food processing industry-led, so the current packaging machinery should change the existing development pattern to research how to implement the labeling machine, sealing machine, unpacking machine, filling machine, such as an entire assembly line connections. This competition in order to build market advantage.