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  • Plastic Injection molding machine

    Plastic Injection molding machine

    The injection machine is in line with the European design, using advanced technology. The hydraulic system adopts double proportional control with liquid pressure and liquid flow, which makes pressure speed can be adjusted flexibly with high stability.Read More

  • 5 gallon water bottle filling machine

    5 gallon water bottle filling machine

    Filltech Machinery in China is professional in manufacturing water treatment plant,beverage processing machines and liquid filling-packing machines with different price basing on the different capacitys,bottle type and cap type etc.for over 10 years.Pls kind see attached...Read More

  • Full Automatic Blow Molding Machine

    Full Automatic Blow Molding Machine

    Preform self-rotation and infrared pre-heater revolution assure the even distribution of heat, which improve the bottle shaping rate, increase the production.Read More

  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine

    Cold Glue Labeling Machine

    The machine is designed to take the first turn in the labeling sector pole, and then take a little sticky rubber wheel and then glue to get sticky label gearing at a label.Read More

  • Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture,convenient to adjust.Read More

  • Hot Glue Labeling Machine

    Hot Glue Labeling Machine

    Filling and labeling designed to meet the demanding requirements of high flexibility, small footprint, low power consumption gas consumption, good stability, and many other advantages can be used for cold glue labeling from the reel to be as hot glue labeling.Read More

  • Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

    Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

    For automatic labeling on round bottles for the pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food & beverages industries.Read More

  • Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine

    Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine

     Carbonated drink can filling machine Can washer (for ref) Description Workers put the cans into can washer, and washed cans enter into the filling machine by the tunnel. The design of this device is very simple, and it is easy to install, maintain and operate. The 2-in-1...Read More

  • Non Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine

    Non Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine

    The company produces filling, sealing machine when in the introduction, digestion and absorption of the country, on the basis of similar products both inside and outside, combined with new products of the company after many years of experience in the development of production.Read More

  • Beer Can Filling Machine

    Beer Can Filling Machine

    It can finish all the process such as beer canning and sealing, it can reduce the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary conditions, production capacity and economic efficiency.Read More

  • Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

    Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

    The equipment is used in production of beer packed in glass bottles. Rinsing, Filling and capping are integrated in one machine.Read More

  • Can Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

    Can Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

    It is applicable for equal pressure filler and sealer for carbonated drinks filled in cans.Read More