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  • Semi-Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    Semi-Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    1 cavity 2 liter semi automatic pet bottle blow molding machine JS-2II ,Use Festo ( German brand) , SMC (Japan brand ) & Parker ( U.S.A Brand) pneumatic components. PLC use Mitsubishi (Japan brand).Read More

  • Plastic Can Juice Filling Machine

    Plastic Can Juice Filling Machine

    Our company is located in the birth place of filling machine,FILLTECH is created with several year's factory experiences.Read More

  • Metal Can Juice Filling Machine

    Metal Can Juice Filling Machine

    Can washing , filling , capping functions are integrated into one monoblock machine. All the touch material is made of SUS304 to avoid 2nd pollution.Read More

  • Laser Code Machine

    Laser Code Machine

    Our company is professional to combine perfectly the beverage technology design with turnkey project , working for various packaging for beverage , beer , daily and etc .Read More

  • Ink Jet Printer

    Ink Jet Printer

    This automatic industrial inkjet printer is widely used for paper printing, glass bottles printing, plastic bottles printing, metal printing, medicine box printer, plastic bags printing, cartons printing, paper bags printing, electronic products printing.Read More

  • Air Knife Drying Machine

    Air Knife Drying Machine

    This machine can be use to drying bottles before its labeling.Read More

  • Pasteurization Machine

    Pasteurization Machine

    This machine contains 5 temperature zones, the minimum temperature difference between zones confirms good sterilizing effect, and also reduce bottle broken rate.Read More

  • Bottle Cooling Tunnel

    Bottle Cooling Tunnel

    This machine adopts a three section cooling water recycling cooling design. The first section uses water at 85-65 degrees.Read More

  • Series Bottle Reverse Sterilizer

    Series Bottle Reverse Sterilizer

    The sterilizer is with 90 °angle or 110°angle to transport bottles, and then with the beverage high temperature (more than 85degree) to sterilize the bottle neck and caps.Read More

  • Can Juice Filling Machine

    Can Juice Filling Machine

    The machine is developed basing on technology absorbing from abroad. It is normal pressure filling, when the empty cans enter into machine, the empty cans will be raised up to each filling nozzles to open value to fill.Read More

  • Small Scale Juice Filling Line

    Small Scale Juice Filling Line

    The small scale juice filling line / machine / machinery includes QS auto washer, CG auto filter,FXZ auto capper,SC conveyor,etc.Read More

  • Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

    Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

    Drinking water bottle filling machine / equipment / production line is suitable water,juice,carbonated drinks and other beverage filling,working very stable.Read More