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Wine Filling Lines Failures And Solutions To Common
- Sep 08, 2016 -

Problem: not enough filling, filling accuracy is not high.
1, check whether all the filling head is flatter.
2, check that the product bottle is chipped, nicked will leak, causing filling accuracy is not good.
3, check that the cylinder is leaking.
4, check whether the filling head pressure spring pressure is too large.
5, check that the hopper is expected.
6: filling head and whether there is a foreign body in mouth.
Problem two: bottle no filling or to set the number of bottles is not completed, stopped after the cylinder begins.
The solution;
1, front and rear side electric eye is no good, you need to reset cannot be wrong signals.
2, set the fill bottle with the same filling head number.
Fault problem; if you are experiencing problems stop fluid leaks after filling.
Solution: replace the seal.